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During this period, the child is becoming more independent and self-sufficient. Toilet training is an important component of our 2-year-old program. Within a more ordered day, individual and group activities are planned to promote more complex problem solving, reinforcement and refinement of newly acquired physical skills and increased social interaction between children. As the two-year-old‘s ability to listen and to speak improves, our program facilitates language acquisition by talking, singing, reading and playing with the sounds of the Spanish language. Studies show that by age two-and-a-half, the bilingual child can function effectively in both languages.


In the preschool classes, children explore and learn through play, real life experiences and teacher-guided activities in the Spanish language. Choices with open-ended play materials such as blocks, water and clay will be available to support creativity, exploration and problem solving. Cooking activities, science experiments, and interactions with visitors from the community provide invaluable real-life experiences. Learning is facilitated with “hands on” activities planned to meet educational goals in the areas of math, language and literacy, science and social studies. By encouraging the children to describe and to enhance what they are doing, and by assisting them to work through challenges they may encounter, teachers further facilitate learning and problem solving skills. Self-expression is supported through art, music, creative movement, and dramatic play in a Spanish-rich environment. In preschool, children develop lifelong skills as they learn to work and play together as valued members of their classroom community.


As children reach school age, our comprehensive, academically-rich kindergarten program helps them explore, communicate, and create — all in a nurturing, small-class setting. 

We present our unique curriculum of reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical fitness in an engaging way that encourages a lifelong love of learning. Curriculum goals outlined by TEKS (Texas Essential Kindergarten Skills) and Creative Curriculum are integrated throughout the projects, creating children well prepared for kindergarten. Our kindergarten program prepares children to confidently enter first grade. 
Everything we do is designed for kindergarten learning. 


Our Kindergarten Program Features

Individual attention in a small-class setting

Comprehensive kindergarten learning program with before- and after-school care

Educational field trips and school presentations that build on classroom learning

Regular teacher-family communication, including daily updates to keep you informed 

Comprehensive reporting on individual child achievement through standardized tests and parent-teacher conferences



Head of School


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Austin, Tx 78726

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