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Learning at Ivy School


The Ivy International School is dedicated to academic excellence and strives to instill the work ethic inherent to that pursuit. 

Our goal is to enable students to reach beyond their comfort level and achieve real academic success. The Ivy School prides itself in accomplishing this goal with a nurturing, structured environment where students are not afraid to take positive risks. This makes us unique among private schools in the Four Points area.

Central to this pursuit are the faculty members at The Ivy School, a caring and intellectually rigorous group of individuals. They prod, nudge, coax and do whatever it takes to awaken the curiosity and motivate the desire to learn in every one of our students. Our faculty members receive training that makes them more aware and more sensitive to the ways students learn. They employ different methods of teaching that strive to meet every learning style, whether it is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

Individual attention at The Ivy School is possible because of faculty dedication and a positive classroom environment that promotes learning. Class sizes, which average about 12 students, create an intimate, yet lively, private school atmosphere where ideas, thoughts, and feelings can flourish without bounds.

We believe that students progress best when the work is appropriately challenging to their skill level. 

The Ivy School's curriculum is designed to develop the superior academic skills necessary for future success. Each student’s program is constantly evaluated for proper placement to ensure that the right balance of challenge and support is maintained in all subject areas. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in the traditional ‘core’ subjects of a liberal arts education — English, mathematics, social studies, science, and world languages. 


Communication between parents and the school is actively encouraged. Parents are kept informed of their child’s academic and social progress on a regular basis. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for fall and winter quarters. Parents are strongly urged to get involved with the school through the Parents’ Association.


Esmeralda Estep

Head of School


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