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Pre-school Through Kindergarten

Preschool welcomes children, from 2 to 5 years of age, at a time when their progress and evolution are particularly pronounced. In the structure of early childhood education: it is a school in itself! For many children, this is often the first opportunity for social assimilation, they will confront a larger group of children as well as a myriad of new experiences. Therefore the first objective is to teach young children how to interact.


Preschool is a special and unique environment where children establish the foundation for all future learning. The variety and wealth of their experiences enable them to build their knowledge and prepare, through structured learning, for more systematic learning at the elementary school level. The activities offered to children are designed to encourage them to exercise and develop their motor, emotional, relational, and intellectual capacities.

The preschool curriculum has been carefully organized so that each child can act and participate within the learning space, time and situation to maximize his or her learning experience.

The students are learning in Spanish 100% of instructional time. We offer an accelerated curriculum focusing on early literacy and math.

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